A revolutionary device in detection of cervical cancer

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Cost effective

Sindicolpo being a handheld device, reduces manufacturing and production costs by a lot of margin.

User friendly

Our device is a completely non invasive method of screening cervical cancer.

Unique Cervical Cancer screening

Our device enables a patient to have themselves diagnosed at the comfort of their homes.


The need for portable device for mass screening

Colposcopy is a very highly sensitive screening test with added advantage of see and treat approach. Screening by colposcopy is a feasible procedure which has more specificity than conventional cytology screening but the device itself is bulky, heavy, expensive and needs specialised technical training, thus not suitable as a screening tool. Conventional colposcope being a bulky instrument is not ideal for mass screening. Colposcopy can not be done by primary healthcare providers. And women in rural and interior parts of India fail to reach higher centres due to lack of screening or inability of health care providers to diagnose by simple techniques like observer based naked eye visualisation of cervix.

Drawbacks of traditional methods of diagnosis

  • High costs of colposcopes
  • Reduced portability due to size & weight
  • Need of electricity to run the device
  • Inadequate manpower (i.e. lack of doctors)
  • Primary health care providers not trained in colposcopy and colposcopy requiring high technical skills
  • Infrastructure is not appropriate
  • Women have to travel long distances for cancer screening resulting in loss of income for them
  • Not suitable for mass screening


SinDiColpo device introduction

Dr. Anupama Bhute | Introducing a new device “SinDiColpo “ for Cervical cancers

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News Reference

"Gynaecologist gets patent for developing digital colposcope to detect cervical cancer"

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